Play Overwatch free this weekend!

Look I know we’re all busy. Friendsgiving. Giving blood. Kidney surgery. World peace.

But honestly all that stuff can wait. For the first time ever, Blizzard is hosting a free play weekend of its incredible first person team shooter Overwatch this weekend on all platforms! That’s right, Playstation, Xbox, PC, you’re all invited. Maybe next time Wii.

OK so screw responsibilities, how do I do this?!?!

Quite easy. If you’re on a PC and already have a Blizzard account for playing World of Warcraft, Diablo, Starcraft, Hearthstone or Heroes of the Storm, open’er up and click the Overwatch logo in the lower left. Boom. There’s an install button. Have fun (it is like 7 gigs though so I hope you brought your network a game).

If you’re on a PC and you already have an Overwatch account… why are you even reading this? Seriously bro, lay off the rock. We need to talk.

For folks on consoles, there’s deployment schedules here.

Free play ends November 21, so get going now. And if you decide to buy the game after the free play is over, you can keep any progress you’ve made as long as you purchase using the same ID you used to sign up for the free weekend. ENJOY!

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