OK, who is hacking Snapchat Specs?

From the “there’s no way these will be used as intended” files, the “Spectacles” from SnapChat are a new product that puts video and still image cameras onto a pair of subtle, classy glasses.

Seen here: subtle & classy
Seen here: subtle & classy

Outside of the glasses themselves looking like the drunken results of a 1980s movie getting to know the a pair of knock-off Ray-bans, the idea of having video cameras constantly on our heads has been noted as an issue before.


As $130 accessories, these hideous puppies have the potential to provide some serious hacking fodder. Specifically, as AR inputs. Sure, there’s no output on them. Yet. But I gotta think someone is already looking to clamp a little display onto one of the lenses.

More info at mashable.com

Or sign up for your own subtle specs here

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