Elon Musk’s new solar raises the roof

Solar panels on your roof? What is this, 2009? How about a solar roof instead? And not one that looks like some kind of weird Jetson’s dancefloor either. That’s what Elon Musk is trying to sell and we smell what the chairman is cookin.

Elon Musk’s merger with Solar City is poised to change that industry in a way not entirely different than what Tesla is trying to do for electric cars. They aim to make solar roofs look amazing, work well and last a good long time. The drawback? Initial costs might be a bit high, and those of us with some solar knowledge have questions. Like… what about keeping the roofs clean? Dust, dirt & debris can lower the solar output of traditional panels by a huge percentage if not kept clean. I dunno about you, but I’m not super down with sweeping my entire roof, thanks. But maybe Mr. Musk has a plan for that too. Robotic roof cleaners anyone?

More info at secondnexus.com

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